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Luft Trailer Sales in Ellensburg Washington, sold me a new 2017 Charmac snowmobile trailer, Keith Curtis Edition. The trailer is now falling apart after using 12 times in normal conditions. The response given to me by Luft Trailer Sales " this is normal, all trailers and vehicles fail after driving in winter conditions". That is certainly not true. I have never had a vehicle or trailer fail, let alone in 1 year as  this Charmac trailer has. I have meticulously cared for this trailer after each use. Charmac trailers are garbage! Do not buy a Charmac trailer!

Beware of Luft Trailer Sales and Charmac Trailers!


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Aluminum Panels Failing
Several of the exterior panels are deteriorating and have holes in them that have rusted through within 1 year!
Fender Moldings Falling Off
Many of the fasteners used to secure the fender moldings have sheared off within 1 year!
Fasteners Failing
Several of the screws  used have rusted on the exterior within 1 year! Why would Charmac not use stainless steel screws?
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